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Photo Finish Timing


We use digital photo-finish cameras to determine athletes finishing times and places for all races in track & field. The cameras run at 1,000 frames per second with the capability of running as high as 2,000 frames per second. This is the standard timing practice for any major event in the world these days such as the Olympics.

Field Events

We use tablets at field events to accurately and timely update results.  Tablets are connected to a network that allows for live results.  These results can be accessed on the internet during the meet. 


Wind gauges can be provided for the recording of legal jumps. 

Data Entry

Using MeetPro, we can provide live results to the internet. We are able to provide results and team scores for any event and update the internet in real time.

We have partnerships with several online entry companies to provide seamless pre-meet registration and meet changes.

Display Clock



Displays clocks can be placed at the finish line to display the current running time of the race in progress. This also displays the finish times and places.  We are able to connect to stadium clocks to display running time.

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